James Gunn for Suicide Squad 2; Venom Delivers at the Box Office – Heroes

Heroes #274 (Tuesday October 9th, 2018) with Coy Jandreau, Amy Dallen and Dorian Parks

1. Aquaman gets a big 5-minute trailer.

2. Venom breaks all the October box office records!

3. The Boys gets a teaser trailer and Simon Pegg plays Wee Hughie’s Dad!

4. Bullseye confirmed in new Daredevil trailer.

5. Harley Quinn animated show trailer & casting: Kaley Cuoco!

6. Deadly Class is coming.

7. Even Kevin Smith thinks Jon Hamm could be Batman, Plus David Tennant gets on board!

8. Jack O’Connell rumored for The Batman

9. DC universe’s Titans gets new trailer

10. Todd McFarlane on Spawns tone and those difficulties

11. Hellboy trailer previewed at panel!

12. New Sabrina trailer for Netflix.

13. Doom Patrol adds Matt Bomer and Birds of Prey has a Renee Montoya.

14. NYCC had 35 minutes of footage for Into the Spider-Verse!

15. Umbrella Academy Images!

16. Comic Book Pull List

17. Twitter Questions

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